Understanding Modvigil: Facts based on studies and consumer opinions

If you’re keeping track with the expanded life the drug Modafinil has enjoyed since pharma companies began churning out their own versions, you know that the original has an interesting history and was designed to help people with a variety sleep-related disorders. More uses have been identified in recent years, some of which are popular mental ailments such as depression or ADHD.

Modvigil reviews: What do they say?

From the get-go, every Modvigil review was both positive and reassuring. For folks unable to focus, those incapable of achieving a sufficient state of alertness and those suffering serious cognitive problems, Modvigil can be a lifesaver.

Consumers feel calmer and more relaxed, and those positive feelings resonate in almost every Modvigil review published. People claim to experience more mental energy and relief from mood swings, anxiety and even depression.

Modvigil is more effective and way safer than Adderall. People taking Modvigil suffer fewer side effects and for most, those side effects are either minimal or absent when the drug is used properly.

A short history

Modafinil, the active substance of Modvigil, a member of the afinil family, qualifies as an international star among cognitive enhancers. Originally marketed as Provigil in France back in 1974, the rights to this compound were acquired by American powerhouse Cephalon. The company benefited extraordinarily from owning the patent and it actually ended up getting fine for the monopolistic approach it took over the years.

Between 1990 and 2010, Cephalon was the lone producer of this product, but when the patent ran out, just about every pharma company on the planet was ready to pounce. Generic versions of the drug include Modvigil, which is currently being manufactured in India by HAB Pharmaceuticals.

How Modvigil works

You don’t need a degree in biology to understand how this compound works. You take it, it travels the blood-brain circuit to the nervous system where it triggers the release of several neurotransmitters so you feel extremely sharp, upbeat and motivated.

Modvigil increases the release of orexin, serotonin, histamine and norepinephrine. It also decreases the action of GABA, the main inhibitory neurotransmitter.

Your brain goes into overdrive as you think more clearly and remember more. You even receive physical benefits as a direct result of feeling better and being more productive: Modvigil has been proven to protect the neurons in your brain from assaults by oxidation and free radicals.

Benefits you receive

Having touched on the benefits above, it’s important to deliver on specifics so you know exactly how many perks you enjoy as a direct result of taking Modvigil. These are just some of them:

-If you suffer from a form of ADHD/ADD, your attention span and focus increases.

-Accelerated decision-making.

-Increased energy levels, both mentally and physically

-Improved tolerance to long-distance travel: you’ll get over jet lag symptoms faster and more efficiently.

-Your brain and body will tolerate long hours of work or study because your ability to focus is improved.

-Increased motivation even in those who suffer from severe mentally-debilitating depression.

-Improved memory, both short-term (the one you use on tasks) and long-term (past occurences, facts, etc.)

How much should you take?

The ability of your body to tolerate new substances is unique so it’s always a good idea to start out low, assess your reactions and adjust your intake accordingly.

The manufacturer produces Modvigil in 100mg and 200mg tablets. Most Modvigil that is available online comes in 200mg tablets. Still, it’s best to start at 100mg or even lower. You can always take more if you feel that it’s too weak.

If your goal is improving everything about the day ahead, take 50, 100 or 200mg Modvigil first thing in the morning to see how your body and mind respond. The pill comes with an incised breaker line, so you can easily take 100mg by ripping it in two with your bare hands.

Do you worry about your first time on Modvigil? Take it during weekends when you don’t have to show up for work the next day. You’ll be able to assess how you feel throughout the day and also see how long it takes before you can go to bed.

According to RXList.com, patients have been prescribed up to 400mg as a single dose and while it was well tolerated, experts say that no additional benefits were observed by doubling the recommended 200mg dosage. I have to mention that this applies to people suffering from some sort of mental disorder. Healthy people looking for cognitive enhancement should definitely take less than 400mg of Modafinil in a single dose.

How to obtain Modvigil

Despite the fact that Modvigil is one of the best tolerated and least expensive formulas in its class, it is still classified as a Schedule IV controlled substance.

“Controlled, but not enforced” seems to be the status of Modvigil and Modafinil brands in general.

If you spend enough time on the Internet in search of information and read a Modvigil review or two, you’re going to encounter a plethora of websites eager to sell you a supply of “smart” drugs that fall into the afinil family of pharmaceuticals.

To decide which of these resources is to be trusted can be difficult, which is why it’s always wise to count on recommendations from physicians, friends and authorities on the subject before you take out your credit card.

Will you suffer side effects?

One of the reasons Adderall and generics of the same chemical makeup fell from grace had to do with reported cases of addiction as well as terrible withdrawal symptoms, even when they slowly winnowed down the amounts they took.

Products like Modvigil were created to deliver the benefits of a typical strong cognitive enhancer and eliminate side effects and addiction that are typically experienced on traditional stimulants. That stated, some people are more sensitive than others and you could run into mild side effects that may vanish as quickly as they came, including sleep problems, dizziness, anxiety and nervousness.

Modvigil is unlikely to cause reactions, and if you need reassurances, plenty of neuroscientists will attest to its effectiveness and performance.

As with all pharmaceuticals, it pays to be cautious about taking this if you already have heart issues such as an irregular beat, an enlarged organ or a mitral valve issue–just to be on the safe side.

A final admonition: Do you take Bosutinib, Clopidogrel, Deflazacort, Fentanyl or Ranolazine? You could be at risk of having a negative drug interaction that could have serious consequences. Proceed with caution.

How does Modvigil compare to competitor products?

Unless you’ve got a degree in chemistry, you probably won’t find many differences between Modvigil and its generic relatives, since ingredients almost identical. Only additives differ in most cases.

While Modvigil has been called by some a “weaker version” of this chemical class, the lower price when compared to Modalert or Provigil makes it a more desirable product in the eyes of most. The most dramatic differences are found when comparing Modvigil to Adderall and formulas classified as amphetamines.

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