Modalert Review for 2020: Everything about the most popular brand of Modafinil

The subject of smart drugs is up for debate among those who are skeptical and cynical, but for those who have tried and benefitted from them, it’s no contest. Products made using modafinil as a base ingredient have proven extremely popular.

Users are wild about their newfound abilities to accomplish complex tasks, make fast decisions and tap facets of their brainpower that make them wonder how they functioned without these tablets.

But not every smart drug is created equal, which is why consumers eager to see what everyone’s talking about are flocking to modafinil-based products. These formulas are approved by the Food and Drug Administration for narcolepsy. Sometimes, doctors prescribe it for ADD/ADHD, although the FDA hasn’t approved it. Still, “-afinil” formulas are further tested for use in other medical areas. [R]

That stated, productivity freaks and college geeks are buying Modafinil and Armodafinil off-label to circumvent the need for prescriptions. These users find themselves able to focus with newfound clarity and laboratory tests are confirming these results.

Which brand seems to have collected the most amount of attention?

That would be Modalert.

It is by far the most well-known and if word-of-mouth is any indicator of its popularity, it’s likely to work for you, too.

What is Modalert?

It’s the most popular cognitive enhancement medication available. Users flock to it because it acts like Dexedrine, Adderall or Ritalin, minus the side effects. Manufacturer Sun Pharmaceuticals produces this tablet in three doses: 100mg; 200mg; 400 mg. All are scored to be cut in half if the consumer wants to start out slowly.

When Modalert enters the body and blocks dopamine transport receptors, it prevents the re-absorption of dopamine. When less dopamine is re-absorbed into cells, it builds up outside them. Meanwhile, the brain is flooded with histamine, orexin and norepinephrine – agents that help us stay awake. [R][R]

Benefits of Modalert

As a highly-effective wakefulness and cognitive-enhancing product, the easiest way to describe the job Modalert does is as follows. Modalert stimulates brain regions that awaken the senses and deliver a stunning level of clarity.

While a practical solution for shift workers, the military and anyone required to perform for long periods of time at a stretch, Modalert is particularly helpful to students and creatives. [R]

Upon taking a tablet in the morning, users enjoy increased energy levels, improved concentration and focus and a big motivational boost-—even if the task at hand is repetitive, tedious or boring. As the drug works, mental fatigue disappears or is diminished, so even meaningless tasks may be completed with a modicum of enthusiasm.

Modalert distribution and cost

Considered a prescription-only product in the U.S., Australia, Canada and most of Europe, the modalert marketplace is the Internet. Vendors competing for shoppers offer discounts, the ability to use cryptocurrencies and even dispense creative advice on shipping methods.

Cost? The original version of this product, produced by Cephalon Inc. under the Provigil® brand name, ran about $51 per tablet! Sun’s modalert version will only set you back between $0.77 and $2.99 per tablet today.

Side effects of Modalert

Everyone’s system is unique. Some people are uber-sensitive to everything they ingest or apply while others tolerate an array of products and experience no side effects.

These may or may not impact you, and in most cases, they are mild and often disappear after a short time:







-Upset stomach

Serious side effects have been reported less often but may include:

-Bruising or bleeding

-Blistering rash

-Chest pain



-Steven Johnson Syndrome (a mucous membrane disorder)

-Tachycardia (fast heartbeat).

How does Modalert compare to Modvigil?

Plenty of folks have tried both and can’t tell the difference. But there are subtle differences; like the fact that Modalert is a generic drug that’s developed a good reputation for effectiveness and performance.

The most obvious difference starts and stops at the package design. You couldn’t pick the wrong one if you tried. More subtle differences are subjective: your body, in its infinite wisdom, will prefer one over the other and you may never know why. That stated, we live in a society in which we are constantly asking, “Which one is better?”

Here’s where personal reactions weigh in…

Regular users insist that Modalert is not addictive, has fewer side effects and point out the fact that it’s not a stimulant. Some insist that Modalert is stronger. If you’re brand loyal, Modalert, made by Sun, and Modvigil, produced by HAB Pharma, could be a game changer for you.

Finally, if you’re looking to save money, Modvigil may be the choice for you, if price sensitivity is a factor that convinces you to choose one over the other.

How does Modalert compare to Waklert?

These are two sons of the same mother and the same “Sun Pharma house”.

Any who.. back to basics: you’ve already learned that Modalert is THE generic form of modafinil. Waklert has the same relationship to armodafinil, in that it’s the generic form of armodafinil, mass-produced by giant Sun Pharmaceuticals and sold by reputable vendors such as

Described as the drug that “goes to work early and keeps going for about 15 hours,” Modalert has the capacity to rev up your system fast while Waklert could take up to three hours to kick in.

According to veteran Modalert users who have sampled Waklert and found it to be a bad fit, Modalert is considered safer because your brain won’t feel as though you’ve just let it swim through 5 cups of coffee.

That’s just how your brain could feel on Waklert.

But then again, you may experience better effects from Waklert, while feeling Modalert as “a bit too much”.

This isn’t a bad thing. Plenty of people want nothing short of a 5-alarm brain fire when they ingest these substances and that’s exactly what you’re going to get if you opt for The Big W over Modalert.

Or vice-versa, depending on your brain chemistry.

Can Modalert be addictive?

Having Modafinil in its chemical makeup, Modalert taps the same receptors and consequently could deliver the same dynamic punch as cocaine. This reaction alone has sparked debates about Modalert’s AQ (addiction quotient).

For more information on this possibility, we turn to a scholarly paper appearing on the National Institutes of Health Websites conducted by two members of India’s medical community, Drs. Raman Krishnan and Krishnan Vengadaragava Chary.

These two scientists were so surprised to encounter a case of modafinil addiction, they published their findings in the “Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics.”

Their conclusion? “In literature, only one case study has been reported on Modafinil dependence at higher doses. In our case report, the patient started consuming more tablets to increase the effects derived from Modafinil and landed with dependence phenomenon.”

In light of the fact that Modalert is the generic version of the drug in question, it appears that addiction is unlikely to happen unless a consumer self-prescribes a higher dose than is recommended.

Still, like every pharmaceutical, the potential for addictive reactions are always possible, one of the best reasons to try various types of smart drugs to figure out how often you can take the one you tolerate to avoid developing an addiction.

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