BuyXArmodafinil dot org —  Our take on the most popular Armodafinil shop

BuyXArmodafinil is one of the newer players in the Modafinil biz. I think they started somewhere around the end of 2018…

The turn of the decade brings nothing new to the Modafinil market. The popularity of the smart drug has been ever increasing and there are quite a lot of online pharmacies to choose from.

The online Modafinil market

A couple of years ago, you could only get Modafinil via prescription, as there was only one company (Cephalon Inc.) manufacturing it. However, their patent expired and other pharmaceutical manufacturers were able to produce their own brand of Modafinil. HAB Pharmaceuticals and Sun Pharmaceuticals are currently producing the most popular brands of Modafinil and Armodafinil, namely Modalert and Waklert (Sun Pharma brands), respectively Modvigil and Artvigil (HAB Pharma brands).

If you don’t already know, Armodafinil is the potent and cleaner analog of Modafinil. People prefer it because its effects are more focus-oriented and its side effects are almost non-existent. Armodafinil is fairly new and less popular than the “real-life Limitless pill”.


BuyXArmodafinil closely collaborates with the two Pharma giants through bulk purchases and re-selling. BuyXArmodafinil is not a manufacturer, nor is any pharmacy you see online. Furthermore, manufacturers only collaborate with pharmacies for bulk purchases (more than a couple of thousand). Users can’t buy directly from them.

The two pharmaceutical companies are located in India. Hence, most other online Modafinil pharmacies are also either located in India or run by Indian nationals. BuyXArmodafinil is run by a team of Americans who are both dedicated and quick-minded to answer my questions.

The vendor’s public relations

BuyXArmodafinil stands out from most other pharmacies through its customer relationship approach. There are few other online pharmacies that feature a chat window where you can communicate with customers. Many of them have cited this awesome approach that they have as a key factor of trust. After all, buying larger quantities of Modafinil lies in a gray area. Trust is essential for success in the Modafinil biz and the staff have a great approach compared to the “transactional” (short-term) ones of other older Modafinil vendors.

One things that I personally liked about the shop is their newsletter. The friendly tone and the value that they’ve provided (so far) through their insights definitely makes them stand out from other vendors.

I (the author) have ordered from them and received my discretely-packaged tabs within two weeks. No problems whatsoever.

Will I order again from BuyXArmodafinil?

Sure… but not quite now, as I have a 200-pill supply that should last me well past February.

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