Modafinil for weight loss: How effective is it?

When a product appears on the radar of people who are seeking relief from a variety of stress-related and cognitive ailments, finding out that the formula can also be used for weight loss can make it an extremely popular product. In recent years, modafinil has been attracting worldwide attention for this very reason.

What was once introduced as a formulation for combatting narcolepsy and other sleep disorders, modafinil has since been touted as a helpful aid for folks who need help focusing and performing during the day. This stress aid checks off those boxes and more, but the reasons modafinil is proving to be successful for people with weight issues is that the drug does more than change food-related behaviors. It also helps people in getting their heads on straight so it’s easier to follow weight reduction programs and food plans.

How did modafinil reach this lofty, multi-purpose state?

Word of mouth. Internet sites. And in some cases, consumers learn about it because it’s prescribed by a doctor.

Who or what is responsible for starting what’s fast becoming a product taken by people from all walks of life, many of whom call it “the smart” pharma product? Modafinil was first synthesized by researchers at France’s Lafon Laboratories back in the 1970s. [R]

Seeking safer alternatives to Adderall and later adrafinil, scientists came up with modafinil, which happens to be part of the molecular structure of Adrafinil. By isolating the agent that causes changes in the brain and nervous system, people seeking relief from narcolepsy, fatigue, stress, anxiety and an inability to properly focus on tasks, found that they got all of the benefits of stimulants with fewer side effects.

What does this compound do when the goal is modafinil weight loss?

Modafinil passes through and is metabolized by the liver and this process triggers any number of positive reactions in the nervous system and brain. The body’s natural Norepinephrine, Dopamine, Orexin and Histamine are all activated to produce a sense of wakefulness that surpasses caffeine. [R]

Consumers receive all the stimulation benefits they seek when striving for modafinil weight loss, minus the down sides experienced by people who have turned to drugs classified as stimulants. While modafinil has been classified as a stimulant by some, from a pharmacological perspective, it doesn’t belong to this category. Its mechanism of action is different from that of stimulants. To give you an example, try (obviously try means ABSOLUTELY DO NOT TRY) taking a megadose of Adderall… You’d most likely be dead. Taking a megadose of Modafinil will just make you agitated and give you a headache.

According to Angelica Malin, Founder and Editor-in-Chief at England’s “About Time Magazine,” this wakefulness-promoting compound that has become a lifesaver for people battling a variety of sleep disorders, by taking modafinil.

In fact, her research proves that when taking modafinil, people perform better on these tests: “Multiple Sleep Latency Test, the Epworth Sleepiness Scale and the Maintenance of Wakefulness Test.” Each measures mental acuity and clarity and all of these tests are considered state-of-the-art by scientists.

But can modafinil work with any weight loss program?

The answer is yes. If you’ve already tried every popular weight loss program under the sun, including those listed on’s website and failed to reach your goal, investigating the effectiveness of modafinil makes sense.

Marketed under the brand name Provigil, modafinil’s promise may be immediately evident by the fact that consumers tend to lose their appetite as a direct result of dosing. In fact, Malin’s research reveals this statistic: there can be as much as a 10-point change in a dieter’s body mass index within a year that cannot be attributed to any other factor.

Unlike diet aids of the past that counted heavily on amphetamines to suppress appetites, modafinil triggers the aforementioned Big 4 (Norepinephrine, Dopamine, Orexin and Histamine)–particularly Orexin, known to regulate both appetite and wakefulness, so there are multiple benefits to be gained by taking it.

With regards to lifestyle changes, modafinil delivers a powerful punch

Given the naturally-occurring results of the above-mentioned hormone activity, modafinil’s other benefits can even contribute to weight loss efforts by people who have failed repeatedly. When an overweight person becomes more focused in general, he or she has an easier time sticking to diet protocols, abstaining from cheating and undertaking fitness programs.

The reason? Modafinil has been proven to increase motivation (perhaps a direct result from that Dopamine boost), critical to the success of every dieter. As weight begins to decline, the body adjusts, and because one’s concentration powers are heightened, modafinil adherents can find themselves so preoccupied with activities and lifestyle-related improvements, they can forget to eat.

Is modafinil the perfect weight loss tool?

It can be, especially for those who have tried other methods and failed—-but not every person tolerates modafinil. Unwanted side effects of taking modafinil could include indigestion, nausea and other gastrointestinal tract ailments. Further, people with sensitivities may suffer nervousness, headaches, anxiety and physiological symptoms like dry mouth and skin; some report back pain resulting from taking modafinil.

One of the best outcomes people seeking to lose weight find when they use modafinil to enhance their experience is motivation that results from chemical reactions taking place in the brain. It becomes harder to blow off the gym, the personal trainer or the Zumba class, because rather than dreading a workout, folks taking modafinil for weight loss find that their attitudes have changed so much, they look forward to exercising.

Getting to the psychological factors that drive behavior…

…the amount of self-control users report as they expand their modafinil for weight loss efforts seem to be a huge factor in their ability to succeed. This is particularly true for those who don’t rely solely on modafinil to deliver results.

As long as a consumer gets the dosage right (experts recommend starting with 200mg to test toleration), maintains a healthy lifestyle (reducing calories, exercise and portion control) and acknowledges the fact that a dosage increase may be needed down the road should the body develop a tolerance level, there is every reason to believe that in concert, modafinil’s impact on weight loss efforts is likely to be dynamic.

How does modafinil perform when measured against same-class formulations?

One of the major reasons people are overweight in today’s society has to do with being given too many choices, say obesity experts. Combined with too little opportunity to relax and even less to follow a fitness regimen, most of us seem to run into food everywhere we turn. Office celebrations. Social activities “fueled” by food. Even post-church service socializing seems to revolve around eating. Modafinil for weight loss can help turn the tide for folks who have had no success using other means.

Given the international obesity epidemic, researchers at the University of Warwick published data collected during a blind study during which 60 men were given one of three drugs: Atomoxetine, modafinil and a placebo. Published under the title of “Drug for narcolepsy could help food addicts lose weight” in the journal called “Science Daily,” researchers were surprised by results achieved by folks who took the modafinil for weight loss.

Impressive results from this 3-pronged study

While the emotional and physical reactions measured in those taking the Atomoxetine showed no difference in cognitive improvement than did the placebo, modafinil-consuming dieters experienced reduced levels of impulsivity that often drove the bad behavior of food addicts in the first place. Thus for folks using modafinil for weight loss, everything about one’s lifestyle can be altered by taking this formulation.

According to Dr. Ivo Vlaev, the scientist leading the aforementioned blind study, people with eating disorders “are lacking in certain types of dopamine,” which has proven to be a catalyst for dieters using modafinil to control their weight. Adds Vlaev, “This drug could be a real help to those people struggling to control their desire for food. Our hypothesis is that this drug should help in treating the disease.”

Be sure you are satisfied with the “idea” of taking modafinil before you shop

For people fascinated by the idea of taking modafinil for weight loss who prefer not to adopt new methods and products before gaining reassurances from people who have been there and done that, Reddit forum discussions and the clinical data and facts published on may offer reassurances.

There are plenty of other resources to check out in cyberspace, within the medical community and in scholarly research tomes, so keep looking until you feel comfortable that trying modafinil is the right weight loss solution for you.

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